Friday, July 29, 2011

back in the bunny business!

It looks like I'll be busy doing lots of peyote bands in the next few weeks.  I have a new order for a couple more of the bunny bracelets.  Tomorrow I dig out the pattern and beads to get started.
I also need to get several dog collars done.  I will be attending a greyhound picnic in early Sept. and they are letting me have one of the vendor spots.  Thinking about doing these bunny bracelets, gave me the idea to find (or make) a greyhound silhouette pattern to do the same type of band for a collar!  Think that would look very cool, and be a popular item.

Monday, July 25, 2011

my first Dutch spiral

I finally finished this piece this afternoon.  It was fun to do, and, excepting a couple frustrating moments, I really enjoyed making it, and am happy with the end result.  Being my first attempt, I used a tutorial to get started... then kind of wandered off on my own.  It started me off with a spiral very much like a celini spiral, then you expand the bridge each row, till you get it to the size you want.  I was cruising along, then realized I would run out of the size 15/0's long before it was long enough to be a necklace.  Because of the loose weave, I didn't think it would work too well as a bracelet.. it would probably get caught on everything!  So... what to do??  I thought about adding a piece of chain to each end.. but that didn't feel right.
I decided to just keep going.  I decreased the bridge, and continued on with the celini type spiral.  That worked well for the side that followed the dutch spiral section.. but then I had to go back and complete the extension on the original side.  I tried to continue with the spiral, but soon realised I was spiraling in the wrong direction...  and where I had started this section, there was a marked kink/bend in the rope.  Another option was to start a new piece and attach it to the main section.  This way the spiral would at least be going the right way.  So I did a piece, about 2" long... and attached it.  Um... adding 2" on each side wouldn't even fit around Daisy's long skinny neck!  Extending the other end was easy... just keep stitching the spiral. 
Maybe, I thought to my clever self, I could keep going on the started side by doing the spiral backwards... lol .. this was very unsuccessful!  Back to the original plan.... stitch a separate piece and just attach it like zipping up any peyote piece.  So, as I get going on this new segment, a new realization, now I am going to run out of the dark purple size 8/0 beads!  egads.
To keep each side the same length, I'd stitch an inch or so on one side... then move to the other side and do the same amount there.  All in all, it was kind of a long drawn out process.  But I like the end result, how the dutch spiral just kind of flows into the narrower side spirals.  And, I think I learned a lot in this process!  I would do another one like this.  But knowing to start with the small spiral.. then tranisition to the dutch.. then back to the smaller spiral and keep it all one piece will make it much easier.  I hope you like it.

More fun from Friday... I got four packages of beads and things that had been purchased in mid to late June and early July.  These had all been held up by the postal strike.  I talked to the postal clerk last week to see what was the status on the backlog and new items being sent.  His  explaination:  all new items posted should take the normal shipping time.  Anything that was already backlogged, would be sorted and added to the current mail as time permitted.  Everything should be delivered by the end of July. 
At least I had fun going thru and checking out all the new shiney beads.  I had managed to catch a couple good sales at Brightlingsbeads.  happy dance.. new toys!!
But.....where is my Aug/Sept copy of Beadwork magazine!!!  As soon as I get that, I think I will be caught up on any mail sitting in the backlog.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I tried one more time...  and finally got a couple pics of my newest foster girl!

still hanging around

Hello all,
I haven't been on here in a while, but have been keeping busy.  I have another foster, Heddy.  She is a greyhound / irish wolfhoung cross... like a shaggy greyhound, and has the most adorable face.  She is definately camera shy, so I don't have any pics of her.  She is very timid.  She is about 10-11yrs , was a brood mom, and was rescued from a bad situation.  I have been spending as much time as possible with her, helping her to come out of her shell.  For the first few days, she was hiding in the upstairs back bedroom.  In the last couple days, she has started spending more time closer to Daisy and I.  (both currently asleep on the flr beside my chair)  Now she will even take a treat from my hand. =)
Found out yesterday, an adoption is pending for her... she gets her forever home!  I am so happy for her, but will really miss her.  I'm getting quite attached to her... she is so shy and sweet.  I will have her for another week or so, and then her new mom will pick her up.
But, even spending time with the pups, I still managed to make a few new items.  I made a pair of earring for a long-time friend.. and she loved them.  Used shades of purple Swar crystals, and a charm with "karma" stamped on it.  She really believes in karma, so when I saw the charms, I just knew I had to get them for her.    (And she brought ice cream when she stopped by the day I gave them to her... definately good karma)
I've also done a couple memory wire bracelets; first one blue bumpy glass beads with silver, the second one a soft brown stone, aragon, with gold accents.  Then the other afternoon, I had some green crackle glass that wanted to be a necklace... so I obliged, and it worked out quite well! 
I still haven't found my bag of buttons, to finish the stained glass bracelet.  I also have my first dutch spiral piece that needs some finishing touches.. clasp, loose threads, etc. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

My first sale on Artfire!

Wahoo!!  I was just doing a quick check of my online stores before I packed it in for the night, and found I had my first sale on my Artfire studio.  :D
It is a really pretty netted rope done in 15/0 purple ab seed beads.  
Doing a little happy dance.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A cool contest from Happy Mango Beads!

I just came across a new contest from Happy Mango Beads.  It really sounds like fun.  I am definately going to enter this one.  Prizes are gift certificates to Happy Mango... and they have some reallllly yummy beads!
The contest is called 'On Second Thought'; you make a piece of jewelry, then take it apart and make something new with the same beads!  Winners will be picked based on both pieces.  What a cool way to stretch your imagination  :)
here is the link:
Good luck to anyone else entering!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forever home!

Spitfire is going to be adopted!  A really nice couple, with one grey already, wants to expand their family.  They met Spitfire at the Canada Day picnic and fell in love with him.. but how could you not?!  They will come pick him up on Sunday, so I still have a few days with him.   He is so sweet, I will miss him.  But being adopted locally, means I will get to see him occasionally!
Then.... on Monday or Tuesday, I will pick up Heddy!  She is an older girl, a retired brood mom.  She is a greyhound, irish wolfhound cross, quiet and shy.  She just wants a loving home to call her own, so there is a good chance she will be with me for a while.  :)
Needless to say, I've been spending more time playing with Spitfire than I have been beading.  I did however, manage to get a new piece started... my first Dutch spiral - inspired by a thread on Beading Daily.
Both dogs napping now... so, think I'll get a few more rows done on my spiral.

Friday, July 1, 2011

another houseguest

Daisy and I have a new housemate for the next few weeks.  We are fostering another greyhound - Spitfire.
He is a beautiful boy that has been thru a lot of changes recently.   We want to give him a chance to gain his confidence back and then find his forever home with a great family.   It will be a couple weeks before we start taking him to meet & greets.  I think I will have to make a nice collar for him.. who could resist him then?!  (hard to resist him now :) )