Saturday, May 21, 2011


Fusion Beads is having a sneak peek give away of some new Vintaj pieces.  Go to their blog to enter.. and good luck!     Yea Fusion beads!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zoe's collar

Do you ever have that one piece, that for whatever reason, you are just not that happy with, and it is hard to actually get it completed?  I really enjoy doing peyote stitch pieces, except for Zoe's collar.  I started it last fall, then it got put aside and misplaced. I have recently found it and really need to get it completed. 
I think the issue with this piece is the actual beads I am using.  I purchased the beads for it at a LBS when I was on vacation, and am sure they are czech left overs (now know why the price was so good).  I tried culling, but was left with not enough of any one size/shape.  The problem is not the hole in these beads, it's the size and shape.  Some are wide and flat, some tall and narrow, some tall and wide, etc.  I considered just scraping it and redoing it with new beads.... but....   when I started it, my neices got to pick out flower colors, and 'helped' me work on it while I was visiting.  I'm not sure if they would even notice if it was a different collar, but I would know it was not the collar they had a hand in making.  (and Zoe is their dog!)
I feel guilty if I work on another piece, knowing this is still unfinished.  It is getting closer to being done, as I have set myself a deadline.  I have to have it completed by the end of the May long weekend.  I know I will definitely be happy when it is finally done.   I guess that is enough stalling for today.. lol

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bit of this... bit of that...

Worked on a few different pieces this weekend... stuff that has been floating around unfinished.. and are all still unfinished.  I couldn't seem to focus on any one piece.  Something I did notice, I seem to have an abundance of blue in my Artfire studio... gee wonder what my fave color is??  lol.
I want to get more earrings listed.. which means, time to get some photos taken.  I have a few sets of flower earrings done with those cool acrylic flowers.  Want to get them listed, good time of year for them I think.
Ok... so enough stalling.. time to get to work!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

the sun is up!

Daisy just came by... seems she is wants out, and is ready for breakie.   This means I have been up all night again.  I have been editing photos and adding items to my artfire page and apparently forgot to go to bed.  Think I should get one of those addict warnings:  you have been on the computer for more than 2 hrs.. look at the clock!
At least it was a productive night.  Today was going to be for yardwork.. but will have to see how the weather holds.  It is blowing like crazy.  I like the wind.. but... not having dirt flung in my face!  :)
oh darn... guess I'll have to stay inside and do some beading..  :D

Ange's prom jewelery

Just completed and delivered the earrings and necklace I did for my neighbor, Angela, for her up-coming high school grad.  The original order was just for the earrings, but I couldn't resist doing a necklace to match, and she was thrilled with it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all those moms out there.  Hope you all have a great day!

Had a cold that has wiped me out pretty good.  Finally getting my voice back.  Sounded kinda squeaky most of the week.  Haven't been doing too much beading this last week because of that.  I did get some new items listed on Artfire.  Still want to get more listed.  I reactived several items on etsy.  My inventory was sitting at 0 for quite a while.  Hard to make any sales that way.  I also have to send link to Chinookwinds.  Hopefully that will provide some sales as well.  Word of mouth locally is still providing most of my sales.  But that can only be good!  :)

Also heard back from Northern Bead co.  They will put a link to my artfire and esty pages on their site.  More exposure can only mean more sales.  Need to keep putting pics up in forums and on FB.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Rain

wow... doesn't seem like two weeks since my last entry.. but it is. 
The bunny bracelet was completed and sent.  Unfortunately it didn't get to it's destination by Easter.  And, when it did arrive this week, part of the clasp had broken during transit.  The client will send it back and I'll repair and return it.   I feel bad this happened, but will do my best to make things right.

Sent pics to Northern Bead Co. of bracelet I'd made from beads purchased on their site.  I was really happy with the outcome of the piece.  I hadn't used 'atlas' beads before... don't think I'd even heard of them.  They are like overgrown hex beads.  I call this piece Summer Rain.. what do you think?