Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spent the afternoon coming up with some new patterns for dog collars.  Think I had some good ideas.   Now I need to get started on them!  Finishing up the one i started on the weekend 'greytdog'.  It's turning out nicely.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Well it's been a while since the original post.  My amazing niece set this up for me, but I didn't have easy internet access, so kind of let it go by the wayside.  I have gone to her more than once to help me with new gadgets!  I am constantly impressed by the tech savy of young people today.  But this blog is supposed to be about my beading!
I'll try to keep that focus in mind, but am pretty I will be straying around on various topics.   I am sure you will often find me talking about my beautiful greyhound - Daisy.  She is a retired racer - so is considered a rescue adoption.  And let me tell you, she takes retirement very seriously.  I actually finally admitted about a year ago - she's the boss around here.  I pay the bills, feed her, make sure her poop gets picked up... and she naps.  But I couldn't imagine my life with out her.
We went to a greyhound 'fun run' this aft.  Friends have an acerage, with a fenced area, and a path plowed thru the snow!  There were 6-12 dogs while we were there.  Daisy was less than impressed with having to wear her turnout muzzle, but it is required for all the dogs.  She did run a bit with the other dogs, but spent much of the time on the opposite side of the oval as I was on.  I kept telling the people she really does like me, she just didnt want me taking her out of there.   We will definately go back for more of these.  Hopefully the weather will be a bit nicer next time.  But always good to have her out with other greys and meet other grey parents.   If anyone wants more info on adopting greyhounds, checkout http://www.chinookwindsgreyhounds.org/
Daisy had her beaded 'tigerdog' collar on.  I talked to Deb, and she will put a link up on the Chinookwinds to my etsy site.  In turn, I will donate $5 from each collar sold that was recommended or redirected from Chinookwinds.  So now I have to get busy and get more collars photo'd and posted.  I have recently sold a couple special order collars as well... with the dog's name beaded right in.  So if you or your four legged friend need a little bling, check out beaddelirium.esty.com