Monday, August 1, 2011

greyhound collars

I just found out today, there could be 150-200 people at the greyhound picnice.  I better get beading if I want enough collars.  I was coming up with some design ideas the other day... now just have to get them into patterns.  I think I might do a few single strand collars, with a large split ring, that can be used as tag collars.  Some with lots of crystals and shiny metal beads, for those dogs that like some bling  =)  I'll have to use the heaviest gauge wire possible to make them sturdy.   I've got some interesting lampwork style, and ethnic beads that would probably work really well too.  hhmmm... ideas just flying thru my head.. lol
But... I really want to get these bunny bracelets done first.. so, it's back to work for me. 


  1. Hi Karen,
    Those single string collars sound nice you could also use leather cord to make them a little stronger.

  2. Thanks Therese... that would look good with those ethnic type beads!!