Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eclipse... my hero!!

So this blog is not about beads... but thought you'd enjoy it!

The other day I thought Eclipse had been getting into the kleenex in the bathroom garbage.. I was wrong.
Apparently, he was being a hero and saving me from an evil roll of toilet paper!!  It was a close call, the tp roll was in the hallway, not far from my bedroom!  Eclipse managed to wrangle it out of it’s hiding place, the plastic package, and after what looked like an extensive battle, defeat it.  Large chunks of tp were strewn at the bottom of the stairs, across the living room, and on his fave dog bed!  Not to worry, I checked him closely, and he suffered no wounds in the battle, and after a treat for his bravery, was resting comfortably!!

the face of a hero!


1 comment:

  1. Brave Boy! It's a good thing he got that evil TP before it was able to cause anyone harm! LOL
    You are nuts Karen, great story!