Saturday, August 27, 2011


I just realized I put a pic of Eclipse up on FB, but not here!  I have had him for a week already, and he seems to be settling in.  We're still leaning some of our house manners, but he is such a happy boy, I probably let him get away with too much!
 He had bad rash spots on his back, so is on antibiotics for it.  His skin is clearing up, but getting the pills into him has been interesting.  Took 2 days for him to figure out the pill was inside the peanut butter, and spit it out.  Took 3 days for him to find the pill inside a sealed pocket made from a cheese slice, and spit out the pill.  Next attempt was hiding the pill in a piece of hot dog.  He figured that out the first time I tried it!  So.. until I can think of another way to hide the pills, we're down to sticking my fingers down his throat to get him to swallow!  Neither of us are thrilled with this, but it's for his own good... and I can wash my hands.. lol.

Eclipse and Deb (from Chinookwinds)
Eclipse and Cloudy,  brother and sister!

Daisy and Eclipse... nap time!

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  1. Hi Karen, You are a better woman than I because, I would not be able to give these cute guys up so easily, but I guess going to a good home helps. I have a suggestion for the pill that works well for me. Crush it up and mix it in with just a little bit of can food. Warm the food up just a bit so the crushed pill will dissolved into the food. Hopefully he won't taste the pill and it will be less of a hassle to give him his med's.