Monday, November 7, 2011

the daily beading continues

I did my beading Thursday after I blogged.  Friday night I was late getting home from work, and missed going to the football game, so instead, watched it on tv and beaded.  Eskimos won and locked up first place in west!  go Esks!!
 Saturday, I got distracted by some new beads that had arrived earlier in the week, then I started checking to see who had sales online, and ended up putting in another order.   LOL .. shopping online is waaaay too easy =)  After all the looking at new beads, I never actually did any working on my current project!
Today was kind of a lazy day.  I played with the dogs in the yard for a bit, then we all came in and had a nap - great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  Went to visit Mom tonight, she is very happy I am keeping Keila.  Mom loves Kee's little white tip on her tail.  Been playing on FB since we got home, and catching up on the forum, so will stop now and get at least a few mins of beading in before I'm off to bed. 
Hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for another week.  =)

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  1. Hi Karen, It is way to easy to order stuff online. I just keep spending all of my mad money on beady goodness.