Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I made an entry here!  Life is speeding along these days...
I've started a new job... so much for my retirement.. lol.  I like the job, but will be on a steep learning curve for the next few weeks.  Big decision tonight... do I try and come up with a costume to wear to work tomorrow??  Have I left it too late to pull something together? (oh darn.. lol)
Then last Sunday, Daisy was sick.  Nothing like rushing a wobbly, vomiting greyhound to the emergency vet.  They kept her over night as she was pretty dehydrated - they suspected she'd eaten something toxic or moldy because of the vomiting... whereas I was more concerned with her stuggling to stand and walk.  Took her to our own vet a day later... turns out she has an ear infection.. which most likely affected her middle (inner?) ear, so she was dizzy with veritgo.  She's been getting eardrops all week and is doing much better!
And, I am officially adopting my laste foster... Keila.  She's been with us a couple months, and is an absolute sweetheart.  (no bias of course!! hee hee).  I'll have to get some pics posted .. she and Daisy look so much alike.  Mind you, the longer she's here, the less she looks like Daisy to me!!  I'm also happy Daisy has her for company now that I will be away at work all day. 
No more all-night computer sessions!!  I'd better get ready for bed.

Hope you get all your favorite candy tomorrow!

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  1. Congratulations on the new job Karen, and for adopting Keila. Hope Daisy gets back to her old self soon.