Tuesday, December 20, 2011

still here!!

wow.. hard to believe it's been over a month since I logged in here.   This working full time, sure takes a big chunk of your time.  After working from home for seven years, then being unemployed for a year and a half, it seems like I'm never home anymore!  I know Daisy is finding it much harder than Keila.  But, I am so glad Keila is now part of our family, and keeping the Dais company while I'm at work.
I have been finding it harder to fit in beading time, and then throw Christmas in on top of that, I'm lucky if I even remember what day it is.. lol.
I just entered a draw for some Apple prizes, and thought I'd share the link... in case anyone else would like a chance for a nice start to the new yr.

hope all is well with you and yours.. talk soon


  1. Hi Karen, Glad to know all is well with you.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

  2. Hello,Karen:-)
    Remember me?
    I am here-back to live again:-)
    I didn't 'leave forever',only changed addresses a little: either in my life,or in my blog:-)
    My new site is:http:mybeadworld.blogspot.com
    /this is to be, as if You came there by any chance:-)/
    I saw ,You took many new photos of further Greyhounds meanwhile.As always-I am really a fan of them,good they always find a ways to their new homes.If I were close to You,at once I'd like to have one,even if I still have my dearest dachshunds-Niunia & Kropka:-)
    I also see,You haven't been here for a long time,but I do hope,You will come back,to see my writing to You.
    I missed You a little,as well as Your Blog.
    Warm Greetings from Sweden,where I live now.